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My Story-Lisa PART 1

I have been very busy writing a journal “Ways to Spot a Pedophile", after learning that my Daughter was Victimized! It has become clear to me now, that I need to share AND learn in order to go from Victim Phase to Survivor Phase. Keeping all this to myself is getting me nowhere. So, here I am! The information I can share could SPARE another Child!" And I hope to be able to move forward toward healing.
This is part of “My Story”
After barely surviving almost 17 years of Emotional Terrorism and being Bullied and Extreme Mental abuse, Physical abuse, and Horrendous Sexual Abuse, I was Suicidal! I had been drinking a lot of alcohol, as I learned it was a soother and it seemed to help me cope with the Hell I was living in. This self destructive behavior STOPPED however, soon after I got away from him. I went for voluntary treatment even though I was already sober. It reaffirmed my belief that I simply had to avoid my "Abuser" and I could continue to be sober, having no reason to numb myself just to cope. I have been Successful and Sober for many years! I suppressed all that had happened to me. Some time would pass and then SUDDENLY I would come to learn the Disgusting “Dirty Secret” that my Daughter had been VICTIMIZED. It came right from the ABUSERS OWN MOUTH! Thankfully, gratefully I have such a strong foundation; this shocking admission never threatened my sobriety even though I knew what I had heard was the Truth. He had ALSO Sexually VIOLATED my Daughter when she was just a young Child! The investigation would reveal numerous other VICTIMS... children and even other Women. A lot of Sexually related charges were filed. And then...The Accused Manipulated and Navigated his way through the Canadian Justice System until finally we would meet at Trial 4 and1/2 YEARS later.


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