We need to enforce  harder sentences! Why is it a person can rob a bank.. no gun.. no one gets hurt, and  they can be looking at 10 years in prison. If they repeat, 20 years! But so many sex offenders get no so much as I slap on the wrist. 

We have to get the laws changed not only in canada but everywere. governments all around the world know the problem and are trying to stop it. but the sentences are not tough enough..these people are getting minimal sentences for a crime that not only affects the child mentally but physically, and the emotional damage it does to the familys. 90 percent of child molesters are out of jail in under 6 years, and most will do it again. there are some that do not.. thats fine give them there second chance. they do it again, they should get life... but they wont. But the ones that kill, once proven!!! guilty should be killed themselves. I just dont understand why bank robbers, repeat drunk drivers and other criminals when no death is involved get more time than these peckers!! Why is it, my friend does 9 years in jail for getting drunk and crashing his car into a bridge? the only person that got hurt is him. but yet his cell mate got 2 1/2 years for brutally raping a 4 year old girl? My friend scott got raped by a guy that left his girlfriend in a restaurant for an hour. told her he had a business call then raped my friend. guess how long he got for that! 1 year!!! In Louisiana mississippi if you rape a girl you get life... if you rape a child you get death!!!! there the only state that does that. Think they got something there!!! everyday there are 1000's of photos and videos of child pornography put on the web, all over the world. We all agree it's wrong, but so many of us do little about it. In louisanna the rape and child molestation is so low because the pedophiles know the consequences! theres a guy named richard goldberg he was convicted for raping little girls in canada and making child pornography he said ( i finally found a use for canadians) guess who busted his ass? the FBI. americans are protecting our children. and I thank them!! why is it guys like paul bernado can rape and kill young girls on tape, and be put in jail for life? he did it.. tapes to prove it.. why is he still alive? why should we pay tax money to keep him alive? he did it.. he dident give leslie mahaffy, kristen french, or tammy hamolka a choice, why give him one? and dont get me started on that pig karla, she got off easy. rape your own sister and let that douchbag say she died drunk and on drugs. he rufed the girl and she died.. why? for sex!! another 14year old girl dead for 20 minutes of sex.. yea thats worth it!

1. Get our Laws Changed

2. Talk about it

3. Spread the Word