My Story-Lisa PART 2

Throughout the 4 and 1/2 years waiting to go to trial there were many disturbing events. This case would be passed to different Crown Attorneys that were called on to "represent" the Victims. I was met with apologies as the file could not be located! I was…Read More

My Story-Lisa PART 1

I have been very busy writing a journal “Ways to Spot a Pedophile", after learning that my Daughter was Victimized! It has become clear to me now, that I need to share AND learn in order to go from Victim Phase to Survivor Phase. Keeping all this to myself is…Read More

How many children are estimated to be victims of sexual exploitation every year?

Hi everyone! It is terrible how many children are abused everyday, worldwide. Take this quiz to find out exactly how many, and please forward it on to your friends! We CAN put a stop to this, let's make sure everyone is aware of this serious issue. Thanks for…Read More

Make The Sandy Hook Promise. This Time, Help Us Secure Real Change!

Today is the one month anniversary of the tragic shooting at Newtown, CT. The 26 victims will not be forgotten and there was an overwhelming surge of support from this cause. Thank you to all those who signed the sympathy card and participated in the moment…Read More

Honor the Victims of Sandy Hook: From Moment of Silence to Moment of Action

Hi everyone. We need to come together around the community in Sandy Hook after last week's tragic shooting. Please take action with me and join in a moment of silence with this community on Friday. Now is the time to put aside our differences and show our…Read More

Walk With Thousands!! ***Please Help Me Make This Go Viral!***

The Anthem for the Victor Walk, performed by Theoren Fleury & friends. The Victor Walk will start in Toronto on May 14 and conclude on May 23 on the steps of Parliament. Visit for more information or to download the song!

Networking has paid off! We have a Call to Action! All Members!

More signatures are needed to send this petition to Parliament in Canada! Justice For Tori! Death For Child Killers! This is OUR opportunity to START making a DIFFERENCE!
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