New Billboard

It happened !

This is a PSA (Public Service Annoucement) Kentucky Transportation did for our family... it can make a difference !

Friday After 5- Aug.3rd

Come see us at Friday After 5 this Friday.... we are raising money for the next billboard... we need $325.00 we will have a huge jug.... "Small Change...Big Impact... BUCKLE UP!"

Reaching higher goals

Hi everyone... I'm asking everyone to sent out invites to Buckle Up for Megan.... we have to get more people involved ! Help us save lives! Buckle Up every matter for short the distance ! Do it for Megan ! Love you guys ! Megan's Mom...Mischelle

Christmas Parade

Everyone come out to the Christmas Parade this Sat. at 4:30...LOOK for the Lifesaver's float we're #100

It takes 2 seconds!

It takes 2 seconds to put your seatbelt on... it will save your life! Megan would be here today if she had hers on... take the 2 seconds it takes and save your life ! Do it for Megan !

Events coming up....

Oct. 1 & 2 Arts & Craft Show Audubon State Park, Henderson Oct. 15 & 16 Apple Festival, Reids Orchard Oct. 25 Trails of Treats, Moreland Park Need info message me on Facebook !
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