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ANZ Bank - Tell Mr. Smith

Dear All,

It's important to act on this straight away:

Please send a message to Mr Mike Smith, the new CEO of the ANZ bank, encouraging him not to support Gunns' proposed pulp mill and to uphold sustainability criteria like the Equator Principles. (Currently ANZ is set to provide the financing for the Pulp Mill despite their commitment to socially and environmentally ethical investments as outlined by the Equator Principles*)

Please go to (link available on the media board) to send your message to Mr Smith. Don't delay โ€“ we urgently need you to tell Mr Smith about your outrage over Gunns' polluting pulp mill before 11 October.

If you bank at ANZ and/or have shares in it, make sure to mention this.


*The Equator Principles are "a set of globally recognised, voluntary guidelines established to assess and manage social and environmental risk in project financing, especially in emerging markets." Currently ANZ Bank subscribes to these Principles and thus it is very important to make it clear to them that the public does not feel that this particular investment holds true to those Principles.

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