stop the Gunns Pulp Mill from going ahead under a corrupt and incomplete assessment process

Tasmanian woodchipping giant Gunns Ltd wants to build a massive chemical pulp mill in northern Tasmania. This forest-hungry pulp mill will be a disaster for our climate, wildlife and future. It will also dump thousands of tonnes of poisonous effluent into Bass Strait every day, threatening marine life, tourism and the fishing industry.

There has been public outrage over the Tasmanian Government's fast-tracked approval process.

Malcolm Tunrbull has also approved the mill with a set of conditions.
However, these conditions fail to recognise the impact that this mill will have on Tasmania's native forests and wildlife.
Odours released by the mill have not been considered and residents of the Tamar Valley will quite likely have to live with a permanent 'egg fart' smell, damaging other industries.
The impact of the release of effluent into the Bass Strait is still a major consideration.
The pulp mill alone would contribute more than 110 million tonnes of carbon pollution to our atmosphere every 25 years - that's equivalent to all transport on Tasmania's roads for the next 80 years!

If this pulp mill goes ahead, generations to come will be dealing with the opportunity we lost - they will be the ones to face the forest destruction, the impact on climate change, the massive air and water pollution, and be condemned to the task of repairing the damage of a poor decision made today.

Mr Turnbull and Shadow Minister Garrett both approve of this mill - write to them in protest


Also, sign the petition to Mr Smith, new CEO of the ANZ Bank, to point out that ANZ should not be funding this venture due to its commitment to The Equator Principles (socially and environmentally ethical/responsible investments). The ANZ helped to found these principles and yet is not adhering to them. Go to:


1. There should be a full investigation into the effects of this Pulp Mill before it is approved

2. There should be an investigation into Government corruption in Tasmania

3. This process needs to be slowed down and examined, not fast-tracked!