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Action: This morning, take 8 minutes and make 4 calls to defeat anti-life health care

Greetings Friends,

First, let me clarify -- this proposed Health Care legislation is bad for many reasons. One of which is the provision for federally funded abortion. When you ask a representative or senator to vote against the bill, you're asking them to vote against the WHOLE bill - not a part of it.

As this Facebook Cause is focused on defeating FOCA legislation, abortion is the issue our efforts are centered on. The proposed legislation is just bad law and it needs to be defeated.

Second -- please consider acting on the following item from Thomas Peters @ CatholicVote Action. He writes:

This morning’s conference between Bart Stupak and pro-abortion democrats has fallen through for a simple reason: Bart Stupak does not trust their promises and they are unwilling to give up their timeline.

In the meantime, without Stupak’s coalition of pro-life democrats, Pelosi has to pick up more of the other anti-bill Democrats which are not yet on her side.

Please take a few minutes and call each of these wavering Democrats, asking that they not vote for this anti-life bill:

Kaptur of Ohio, Berry of Arkansas, Cueller of Texas, and Rahall of West Virginia

Berry (202) 225-4076

Cueller (202)-225-1640

Kaptur(202) 225-4146

Rahall (202) 225-3452

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