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Interview of Ally Loprete, By Angela Shupe

When a business looks for a place where they can advertise, it usually means they need to look for affordable advertising in an area that is related to the market they are trying to reach. Our Milk Money takes a different approach to that by giving parents a place to promote their business amongst others that are just like them. People that just want to work from home whether it’s to care for their children or even their grandchildren.

The credit for this directory belongs to two women, Ally Loprete and Kelli Shand. Although it is not very old, they have been able to create something extremely successful and already a great resource for anyone looking to purchase from a parent-owned business.

I recently got a chance to ask Ally a few questions about the business and being a mompreneur. She is out traveling but she was kind enough to find the time and get back to me. Hopefully what she has to say will inspire others to see that they can do anything that they want to do as well.

What is ‘Our Milk Money’?

We are an organization that is dedicated to helping parents earn more for their families. The basic function of OMM is a national online directory that lists all the self-employed parents across the country. We encourage our members to make purchases from each other and create a mini-economy amongst ourselves so that our businesses will thrive more. The basic concept is about educating the public on the value of making a purchase from a family rather than a mega store. We work to inspire parents to contribute to this movement and we believe that we can make some significant changes by working together.

It is imperative that we look to support each other. In some ways the life we lead as parents is so much more difficult than when our parents were raising us. In this society most families cannot survive on one income- and we weren’t prepared for this struggle. It’s easy to blame ourselves for not choosing a better career, a better school, a different industry. It’s easy to blame our parents and teachers for not preparing us better, or politicians, or old bosses…but all of that is so counter productive. We really believe in looking forward and that we can make a difference by looking at the power we have from within. the stronger our membership, the better chance we have at succeeding in this concept.

How did you come up with the idea for a parent-owned business directory?

I was a working parent and hated it. I hated the daycare my son was in and the number of hours I spent in the car with him. I wanted to come home desperately but could not find the right opportunity to leave my job, and we would not have been able to survive without my income. During a strange turn of events, I was let go, and was able to collect some severance. While at home, my son started to flourish and I realized I never wanted to leave him again. I started thinking of ways to help others stay home and support their families as well. I am a big believer in karma, so I felt that if I started contributing to others, I’d be taken care of as well. I didn’t have the money to just give away, but I realized I could use the budget I had for our every day purchases simply by giving my business to the right people. So, I started searching for parents who sold the everyday products and services that I was spending my money on anyway…but this wasn’t easy. I couldn’t believe that there was nothing out there to aid me in my search. I am usually pretty good at finding just about everything I need online so I was surprised that nothing like this existed. I told my friend Kelli about how there should me a directory that lists only parents who are working from home. Kelli loved that idea and urged me to create it myself. I had never run my own business before and didn’t want to attempt it alone. Because I saw Kelli’s passion in the idea, I knew she’d make the perfect partner. So I asked and she agreed.

How many businesses do you currently have listed?

By the time we launched we had 1800 business listings…but...

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