LTTE defeated; Sri Lanka liberated from terror

Sri Lankan armed force have militarily defeated the LTTE and freed the nation from three decades of terror, Army Chief Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka announced. Meanwhile, defence sources on the battlefront said all top LTTE leaders were believed to be…Read More

Please sign this petition against LTTE!

Please sign this petition against LTTE to stop them from using Oprah Winfrey to convey their terrorist ideas to the world!

A-9 Liberated

After 23 years main gateway to Jaffna the A-9 road have been liberated by SLA. Let's salute our brave soldiers! The extinction of LTTE is not far away! Jayawe Sri Lanka!

Dream of eelam fades away!!!

So called capital of eelam, heart of LTTE, KILINOCHCHI falls under control Sri Lanka Army! Let's raise our hands to congratulate all the brave soldiers! Its the last chapter of the LTTE terrorism!!! Jayawe Sri Lanka!!!

Paranthan Falls

LTTE strong hold of Paranthan falls to the control of SLA! Congratulations to all brave soldiers!!! Victory is ours!

Victory at poonareen

Let's raise our hands together to congratulate our heroes at this moment of victory. Let's celebrate victory of 58th division of SLA at Poonareen There's not much left to go. Kilinochchi is in sight. Hansa Nanayakkara
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