Another Air Crash in the Medevac Community.

A Medevac Helicopter crashed outside of Reno after dropping off a patient there at around 0200am Saturday. The helicopter was operated by Mountain Lifeflight out of Susanville. The company confirmed the loss of all three crew members aboard the helicopter.…Read More

NTSB Raising the Awareness of Flight Safety.

Today the NTSB said that it is putting the spotlight on the Medevac Industry. They will be holding hearings in regards to last years events of the high numbers of Line of Duty Deaths (LODD's) of Flight Personel as well as patients/family members. Our losses…Read More

As This Holiday Season is Upon Us...

Let's remember the family and loved ones of those who have paid the ultimate price in Flight Medicine... The void that each affected is no doubt very great, and the pains of absence are very deep. Let us give honor to them, and do diligence to safety and the…Read More

Thanksgiving Rememberence

As we celebrate this day of giving thanks, let us be swift to remember those who have paid the ultimate price for this cause. And let us keep their families and loved ones in our thoughts -- for they, too, have paid a terrible price in the giving of their…Read More
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