Help Greece get green again.

GRP is a student-led non-profit organization that aims to gather support in order to prepare for a nationwide Greek reforestation project which will require the effort of thousands of people regardless of their age, education, career, nationality, origin or religion.

During this past summer, over 3,000 fires have turned Greece into a blazing inferno and have killed innocent civilians and firefighters alike; up until the time this cause was founded, over 70 people have been killed.

The government has declared a state of national emergency and has requested the aid of other nation-states to join the fight against this brutal force of nature, which has turned some of the most beautiful and rare landscapes of Greece into mere dust and charcoal.

The GRP is not a political movement nor will political discussions in its forum be tolerated; the real aim of the GRP is for each and every one of us to realize that we can make a difference.

We cannot continue relying on others to keep our streets, our waters, our lands and our forests clean.

We cannot demand from others to respect our environment when we ourselves have no respect for her whatsoever.

We cannot continue living without realizing that Earth has not been gifted from the past, but rather borrowed from our future.

Here are four simple ways to really make a difference:

1) Join an existing reforestation group or even consult your local municipality to start off one of your own.

2) Get your friends together, and make it a point to spend a day a month cleaning up a beach, a forest, a street, a garden, etc. from trash.

3) Don't litter.

4) Donate HERE and benefit the "Plant your Roots in Greece Foundation Inc.," (http://www.saeusa.org/) which plants one tree for every $10.

the GRP team

1. Help Greece get green again.

2. Help Greece get green again.

3. Help Greece get green again.