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Moving to Groups Join Now Please click on target and join Friends of Kirbie as this is moving soon.

AHA-In memory of Kirbie Nicole Brittain is moving

Join under Facebook Group Friends of Kirbie Email all your firends as this is moving soon. Website being developed currently.

Kirbie's Thunder Night at US Cellular Coliseum along with our Friends Prairie Thunder

Rodney Brittain just posted a link to your cause, American Heart Association-In Memory of Kirbie Nicole Brittain ( Please read and help us generate the start Thanks, Rodney Brittain Friends of Kirbie…Read More

In Memory of Kirbie Nicole Brittain Hit's Record High 2,000 members

Unbelievable, your hard work pays off by getting Kirbie's Cause to 2,000 members. I am amazed at the support and numbers in our cause. I bet if everyone one of you got one more person to join and as them to do the same, we could hit some great…Read More


As many of you are with your families tomorrow, look around, smile, clothes your eyes and think of what you have...Be thankful of everything. We are thankful to have had Kirbie for 15 years, we are thankful that Spencer is here with us and healthy. We are…Read More


We all should be proud!! Did you know......... There are 292 Causes that have American Heart Association as the beneficiary. There are 180,005 Members There are 415 Donors Together have raised $12,686 Great Job. Not for the Kirbie's Cause Group We are one…Read More
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