Offshore Account Holders

If you know any of the names on this list and how or whether they are connected to Nigerian government: the ICIJ has identified them as persons with offshore accounts. Adeniyi Ibraheem Makanjuola CT OFFSHORE (W. AFRICA) LTD Aderemi…Read More

Let's mobilise

Another round of elections are coming up in Nigeria. Policy makers of all kinds, stripes and political inclinations must understand that they are responsible - to the men, women and children that make up the populace, not just the elite. Please invite your…Read More

New Administrator

Would like to thank everyone that has joined this group. Tunji Alao has been made an admin of this group. We will be adding officers and other admins as we grow bigger. Please understand that we are still not were we need to be. We need people people... At…Read More
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