Hello Everyone

Please Vote DAILY for the pepsi grant it could help us secure $250 000 to help with vaccine funding and awareness campaigns.... Sadly, It won't save our children .......BUT It can SAVE future children........Please recruit everyone you know get voting and…Read More

Pepsi Grant coming soon

Hi Guys, Tracey has entered the Pepsi Grant Promo to hopefully win a grant Voting starts 1st of August and is daily voting I don't know too much at this stage but I will keep you updated.... Please help us secure this grant by voting daily and getting all you…Read More

Hi Everyone!!!

Hi Guys and Girls Please rally behind this as it is a GREAT opportunity to raise funds for CMV RESEARCH...U NEVER KNOW WHEN IT COULD AFFECT YOUR FAMILY OR FRIENDS.....So let's find a vaccine to make sure it can't affect them!!!! The Brendan B McGinnis…Read More

10 for 10 Fundraising campaign!!! Please help

Hi Guys and Girls Please get behind this fundraiser, You NEVER know when CMV could affect YOUR family or friends, Help to develop a vaccine so YOU NEVER will be affected. CHEERS 10 for 10 Fundraising Campaign to support CMV Vaccine Research There are 10…Read More

13 days without Jai's Nasal Gastric Tube and going strong

Hi Everyone Jai pulled his nasal gastric tube out on his 1st birthday and suprisingly has been feeding independently nearly his full 150ml and sometimes as much as 190ml!! Most times with no problems he has managed this for the last 13 days now.... Fingers…Read More
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