Our mission is to contribute to the reforestation of Greece

The fires that have broken out in many areas of Greece have ruined people's lives and homes. Many speculate that people have started these fires deliberately to criticize the Greek government, to influence the upcoming elections, or to cause chaos. Whatever the motive or their cause, the fires are devastating for the people of Greece, who are losing family members, firefighters, homes, land, sacred ancient sites, and faith in their country.

The Greek-American "Plant Your Roots in Greece" is a non-profit foundation which has started a reforestation campaign to restore the beauty of the country and to strengthen the bonds between Greek-Americans and their homeland.

Please contribute to this foundation and do what you can to support the efforts to rebuild Greece.

Below is a letter on the official website from Theodoros Spyropoulos, president of the foundation, US coordinator and Vice President of the Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE).



For more info on the fires, media, news, and donating opportunities, visit www.firesovergreece.com, made by Strato Doumanis, one of our cause members!


1. Greece should not suffer from fires and deserves to be beautiful again.