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Hi, Firstly, thank you to everyone who has signed the petition to save the wild brumbies of Australia. I have "featured" this cause on my profile so that anyone who drops by can ad their name to the petition or join the cause easily. To anyone who may not…Read More


This is my beautiful mare Savannah!! She is a survivor of slaughter in Guy Faulks National Park ! She is about 9 mths preg with what turned. out to be lovely colt by Brumby Stallion "Coolabah" She is happily living with me now safe and sound

Please try to support this cause!!!

Don't let any more horses die in agony through mans inhumanity Get the word out post site , videos from my profile to yours photos too. You might have friends that have not found us yet lol

Don't let the shooters win

Please before the next horror occurs help me get the message to those who can stop this awful cruelty .It keeps happening and then getting covered up . PLEASE say NO MORE!! sign the petition and recruit support for it !!


As i made error on my profile i thought i should renter link. I'm sending to everyone please dissregard if you gave already signed thank you again

Help me help our Wild Brumbies

Please we need more support sign the petition now before the stage another horrific slaughter of these beautiful animals that deserve so much more from us. PLEASE SIGN NOW. Link below

Help me help our Wild Brumbies

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