Iams Voting - food for the foster doggies

We have an oppurtunity to win 1000 lbs of dog food for our foster doggies. It just takes a couple clicks of the mouse from you. You can vote daily! Go to: http://www.iams.com first time users - in the green bar at the top of the page click "Join Iams" enter…Read More

North Texas Irish Festival @ Fair Park

Petite Paws will be hosting a booth at the North Texas Irish Festival. Please stop by Saturday or Sunday, open - approx 5:00 pm to say hi to us & the Pekingese. Hope to see you there! http://ntif.org/

How to Help ... Amazon.com

Shop for items Petite Paws needs. How do you know what they need? Check out their Wishlist on Amazon.com

How to help ... PoundsforPaws.com

Shop for your coffee beans at PoundsforPaws.com – when you choose Petite Paws as your charity of choice, a portion of your purchase will be donated to PPPA.

How to help ... IGive.com

Start your online shopping through IGive.com. When you access IGive.com to find your favorite online stores, IGive.com will give a percentage of your purchase as a donation to the charity of your choice – of course, choose Petite Paws.

How to help ... GoodSearch.com

Use GoodSearch.com as your search engine instead of Google. When you choose Petite Paws Pet Advocates as your charity of choice, every time you run a search, PPPA gets a donation!
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