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The Path of Pink is looking for volunteers to help review breast cancer websites. If you are a survivor (and we are all survivors from the day we are diagnosed!), a caregiver, a physician or other person affected by this disease, please reply if you are interested in helping.

What this entails:

I will be sending out e-mails with the name of the site/page to review and a few questions. Just reply to the message with your answers and you are done! I anticipate a minimum of 10 minutes of time per review.

You will receive between 1 and 10 messages a day. Reply to those you want to, delete those you don't! Reviews will then be posted on The Path of Pink website, with your name and "status" (survivor, caregiver, physician, etc.).

Again, if you are interested in volunteering for this task, please reply to this message.

Thank you for your time!

Jen Q.
The Path of Pink

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