empower visually impaired children to function successfully in the world

About CCVI:
We strive to empower visually impaired children and their families to function successfully in the world. By providing an atmosphere that is rich in diverse experiences, focused on potential rather than limitations and based on sound educational principles and best practice, we are preparing our children for continued success long after they transition out of CCVI and into their home school districts. Educating parents about their children's visual issues is a priority and is done on an individual basis as well as through group meetings.

We provide specialized services that are comprehensive, intensive and individualized. Our staff of vision-certified teachers, braille instructors, orientation and mobility specialists and therapists who are experienced in the field of vision provides expertise in planning, developing and implementing education programs that address all aspects of the child's development. We incorporate assistive technology to facilitate success and include a variety of real-life experiences designed to increase independence and develop self-confidence. We emphasize early literacy through print and braille instruction and independent travel through orientation and mobility instruction.


1. The doors are open for any infant to school-age child whose visual impairment is significant enough to adversely affect his or her performance.