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Update on February 08, 2013


I made this quiz because I was shocked to learn that 1/3 of all students reported being bullied at school.

But what's even more shocking is that this is only the number of students who actually admit to being hurt, teased, hit, or otherwise bullied. The true percentage of students who are bullied is certainly higher than 32%! Thank you to everyone who made this point by commenting on the discussion board. A few of you are long-time educators yourselves and know first-hand how many kids are bullied. Some of you shared your personal experience with school bullying. Overall, it's clear that bullying is a problem affecting millions of children and their families.

Were you surprised by the answer to the quiz, and did you think the answer would be higher or lower than 32%? Do you think that other people are aware of how many kids are affected by bullying? Share your thoughts on the quiz comment board ( (at the bottom of the page).

Let's keep the conversation going.



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