Protecting the 6 principles of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

From the beginning of 1970's, the fundamentalists of Turkey are growing in number and today the idea of a religion-based regime became a major threat for the constitutional state structure.Those Islamists who try to convert
Turkish society into a bigot group of people are obviously against the 6 doctrines of M. Kemal, including secularism.
We are not against any religion.On the contrary, we want each individual to live without any oppression.Therefore, we also fight against racism which is used by hostile forces to divide and conquer.Kemalist nationalism is opposite of fascism and assumes every people as equal citizens of Turkey regardless of their race.

Our mission is to protect these doctrines(secularism, nationalism, populism, revolutionism, statism, republicanism) from the theocratic reaction.For democracy and secularism..For the Republic of Turkey..For the civilized people of the motherland..With the enlightened citizens..

1. Secularism and other 5 doctrines must remain as the base principles of the state

2. Fundamentelism is a critical threat for every country and should be eliminated completely

3. Many religious fundamentalist uses brainwashing and thought-control to influence the society which lead the whole country move backward.