Hi to all, Just a slight correction on tonight's JUSTICE SEMINAR with ANDY FLANNAGAN and DAVE STEELL - the correct time is 6.15 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. After an tremendous time yesterday come and here what God is doing in the world in terms of the issue of Justice…Read More

REGGIE McNEAL - This Sunday Evening... NOT TO BE MISSED!

Dear friends on the journey... With every ounce of encouragement and just short of dragging you here by hook or by crook, I urge you if you are passionate about the future of church, a life on mission with God and a broken world, don’t miss THIS SUNDAY NIGHT…Read More

What a weekend! (GarageGiveAway)

What an extraordinary day for the city of McKinney! The Garage Give Away served approx. 5,500 people, 800+ Volunteers, Over One Million Dollars worth of goods given away - a weekend of outrageous love and illogical grace for our community... Thank you to all…Read More

3e's next great project is here...

3e’s GARAGE GIVEAWAY IS HERE!! www.garagegiveaway.org Hello, Friends! The time has arrived and we anticipate an incredible time of engaging and loving on our community this weekend. If you have “stuff” that you would like to donate to Saturday’s free…Read More

Celebrating Scare Away...

Folks, Scare Away Items are still being received - to date over 14,000 items have been collected! Incredible... Thank you so much, can't wait for next year... Bryan and the SAH Team...

Scare Away Results (Sunday!)

Hope you are sitting down... From Kelly/Cindy Murphy (SAH Coordinators) I'm sitting here struggling to put into words what happened this weekend with Scare Away Hunger. Cindy and I were so pleased Saturday when we heard that 3e collected 5000 canned goods…Read More

Early Results - Scare Away Hunger...

Hi to Scare Away Fans... Early results from the Community Pantry tell us: Approx 156 Boxes with approx 32 Cans in each... This equals 4,992 Cans.. Fantastic.. More to came tomorrow! Thank you to all, Bryan
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