Be aware of the problem

For many years, Vietnamese children have been born prematurely with swollen brains, no limbs, and deformed faces. Some cannot speak, some are deaf, and some have no eyes. Many of these children cannot survive without continuous care, all because of the chemical Agent Orange. Agent Orange contains dioxin, which break down very slow. An independent research group from Canada has found that those who live near where Agent Orange was sprayed have a far greater number of birth defects and many adult who develop cancer than those who live further away. The people with these problems are very poor and have no choice but to eat contaminated food and drink contaminated water. For the sake of the poor children, we must help or be aware of the problem. I'm grateful for those who are already helping, Americans, Vietnamese and any other citizens, missions groups, non-profit organizations, and US veterans. Thank you

Note: Photo by Daniel Shea. Yes this is real. This is not a joke. Babies are being born like that. I'm sorry if anyone is distrubed by the picture. I'm just trying to make people become aware of reality.

If you don't do anything, please at least look at this short video.








or just google agent orange

if you are touched by any of these video, please at least invite more people

1. Get medical help and housing

2. Get safe food and water

3. Clean up contaminated sites

4. Please pray