The final details you need for “Break the Silence.”

Break the Silence Details ( We’ll make this simple (since we know you’ve been getting a lot of emails from us), the new video from Jason has all the details you need to be ready for 25 and Break the Silence this Monday. (Well,…Read More

Mumford & Sons Revealed as Final Band for "Break the Silence"

Yes, you read the subject line right: We're excited to announce Mumford & Sons as our headliners for "Break the Silence" in Austin, TX! You might recognize them from the Grammys when they played with Bob Dylan? Or maybe from Coachella when they played to…Read More

We are back on "Oprah"!

We're Back on Oprah! ( Yes, you read that right: Your silence has reached Oprah. Because of what you've already accomplished for 25,…Read More

On April 25th, Break the Silence.

Break the Silence is happening across the U.S and will mark the end of the Invisible Children community's 25 hours of silence for 25. After 25 years of war waged by Joseph Kony, Invisible Children is getting loud... by shutting up. But after the silence ends…Read More

Introducing: The Congo Tour

Introducing: The Congo Tour **************************** Introducing: The Congo Tour. **************************** This year, we are following Joseph Kony to some of the most remote places in the world: The Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African…Read More

Support Invisible children in Haiti and Uganda

Hi Guys, As you've probably noticed from my Status updates, Invisible Children is in the running to win $1 Million Dollars in the chase community Giveaway. We really need your help to achieve this! Invisible Children have committed $100,000 to the relief…Read More

Invisible Children Petition

Please help Invisible Children by signing the Citizens Arrest Warrant of Joseph Kony, Leader of the Lords Resistance Army. Currently terrorizing DR Congo, Central African Republic and Southern Sudan. Your name on the list will greatly improve our chances of…Read More
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