improve the health and well-being of men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other serious illnesses by alleviating hunger and malnutrition.

During Fiscal Year 2005, we prepared and delivered 725,419 highly nutritious meals, free of charge, to over 3,000 people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other serious illnesses and their dependent children. These were people who, because of their illness, required nutrition assistance. We also provided meals to nearly 600 dependent children of our adult clients.

We provided unlimited nutritional counseling for clients and led nutritional counseling sessions for our clients' families that served 695 people. We also conducted 31 nutritional workshops serving 432 individuals from 106 organizations.

Overall, 1,838 volunteers contributed a total of 83,487 hours to meal preparation, deliveries, and clerical duties during the last year.

1. People with serious illnesses shouldn't have to be concerned about feeding themselves too.