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Has your commute been affected by the recession? The New York Times wants to know

If you have a story to tell along these lines, we have a contact at the New York Times who is working on a story and might like to interview for the piece.

So here's what they're looking for: People whose commutes have been significantly lengthened in one way or another by the recession. Most often these are people who lost their job and are now having to commute farther to find work. It's a trend that hasn't gotten much media attention.

We want to show that the recession is forcing many Americans into much longer commutes โ€” at a time when public transportation options are threatened.

If you have a story and you'd like to potentially share it with the New York Times, email us your name and a brief version of your story to [email protected]

Put "New York Times commute story" in the subject line so we'll be sure to see it and pass it along.

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