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YOU make a difference!

Thanks again for joining "Save Lives! Click with Pride". Thanks also if you invited your friends. Could you please forward this message to any LGBT-friendly executives, managers, HR professionals, or entrepreneurs that you know?

We're looking for organizations that will pledge to donate to the LGBT community (For example, "for every person that joins "Save Lives! Click with Pride", ABC Co. will donate $x to LGBT charities, to a maximum of $x.")

The organization can earn a designation as an Official Proud of YOU LGBT Employer of Choice, or an Official Proud of YOU LGBT-Friendly organization. They can earn a certificate, recognition in our monthly e-newsletter to members, and many other benefits.

Who do you think might be interested? Who do you know who is a LGBT-friendly executive, HR professional, or entrepreneur who wants to reach out to our community (for recruiting or clients)?

Please forward this message, and ask them to join Save Lives! at, then see the "YOU" page at .

Thanks SO much! I really appreciate it. We all really appreciate it. Simply forwarding this message can help save lives.

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