HIVictorious, Inc. strives to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in Wisconsin and throughout the United States through education, advocacy, and community mobilization.

Youth HIV/AIDS educator, Bob Bowers, brings passion, humor, as well as a wealth of knowledge and life experience in living with the disease to his talks. Each presentation is unique and topics may vary based on his audience. His speaking is real, frank, from the heart and extremely thought provoking. Mr. Bowers possesses the unique quality of touching peoples hearts in a profound and lasting manner. Having the ability to keep it real and passionate, Bob has been able to gain a wide array of support from lawmakers, educators, media, law enforcement, Principals, Professors, AIDS Service Organizations, as well as the youth who are absolutely in awe of Bob and his passion for life and compassion for others.

1. Youth HIV/AIDS prevention through education

2. Advocating for those living with HIV/AIDS to have access to medical care and life-saving medications

3. Raising awareness of the associated stereotypes and stigmas surrounding HIV/AIDS