To prevent and to treat all animals in Egypt to relieve suffering. www.ace-egypt.org.uk

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ACE was opened in July 2000 by two animal lovers (Kim and Julie) who had initially come to Egypt on holiday. They were so distressed by the condition of the horses and donkeys they saw around Luxor, they decided to do something to help.

ACE started as a simple idea to give these animals a break from their long working day in the hot sun, somewhere they could have their tack removed, a wash and a drink. The dirt and sweat under the tack was rubbing, causing sores and eventually open wounds. Now many of these sores are being prevented by teaching the owners to regularly wash their animals.

ACE has now evolved into a fully functioning veterinary hospital with up to 200 animals visiting a day (most requiring some sort of medical attention), ranging from water buffalo, camels, horses and donkeys to cats, dogs and even tortoises.

ACE knows that most visitors rarely see the thousands of working animals serving the needs of the tourist industry. They are still used as the main transport for most things, from the bricks, steel and cement used in the building to the huge amount of food and drink consumed in Luxor every day. These animals are almost overloaded and overworked.

ACE is trying to improve the lives of these animals not only by treatment but also by education and prevention. The service we provide is free to the poor owners who rely so heavily on their animals to feed, clothe and house their families.

ACE is completely funded by voluntary donation and need your help to continue this vital work.


1. EDUCATION - Educate the people to maintain their animals so that they do not suffer and they can work better for them.

2. MAINTENANCE - Helping maintain the animals helps the people too.

3. PREVENTION - is better than treatment, but both are essential in Egypt.