Eradicate Cataract Blindness in Poor Countries!!

This group was set up by a group of MGS students who travelled with the FHF to Vietnam, you couldn't help be moved by what you saw. Our aim is to raise $25,000 for the FHF. Please read on for more infomation.

(NOTE: Right now you may notice that the money currently donated to the foundation will not go to Hollows, Facebook is in the process of approving the foundation, so right now we are just getting members, In the next fortnight we plan to have Hollows Certified so you can donate to the foundation)

HOW TO DONATE NOW.... Please send a check or cash by mail to Polly Flannagan, Director of Leadership at Melbourne Grammar School (Ms Flannagan was the teacher who co-ordinated this whole experience for us)
Here are her details:

Polly Flanagan
Director of Leadership
Melbourne Grammar School
Domain Road Melbourne VIC 3004 Australia
T: +61 3 9865 7665
F: +61 3 9865 7666

On recieving your donation, Ms Flannagan will mail you a thankyou/confirmation, of recieved letter and a reciept (all donations are tax-deductable) if requested.

The Fred Hollows Foundation is inspired by work of the late Professor Fred Hollows, whose vision was for a world where no one was needlessly blind.

Working to continue Fred's vision, The Fred Hollows Foundation in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, have come together to form a global network to increase our collective impact in eradicating avoidable blindness around the world.

Through this new network, together, we will be able to enhance Foundation operations and programs in the countries where we work and bring funding bodies and program entities in a truly equal partnership.

Collectively working in over twenty countries world-wide, with the help of our supporters, we hope to build on our record of restoring sight to well over one million people.

1. To End World Blindness

2. To educate people so they to can become inspired in this area like Fred Hollows