Shoulder to Shoulder exists to serve the poor. The goal is to improve health outcomes in poor communities through primary health care, public health, dental care, nutrition and education.

Shoulder to Shoulder is a private, non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) formed in 1996. It began providing health care services in rural Honduras in 1990, six years prior to its official incorporation. In the spirit of local empowerment, Shoulder to Shoulder, Inc., worked with local community leaders in Honduras to form Hombro a Hombro, a grassroots, community-based, non-profit NGO registered in Honduras since 1996. Shoulder to Shoulder and Hombro a Hombro work in tandem to achieve a single mission: to develop educational and health programs to help poor, rural communities in Honduras achieve sustainable development and improve the overall health and well being of its residents. We seek to address the health, education, economic, and social needs of under served communities in the poorest areas of Honduras.

Shoulder to Shoulder represents successful partnerships between poor rural communities and academic health centers. Volunteers from the U.S. include physicians, dentists, nurses, lawyers, engineers, business experts builders and students. The central theme of our partnerships is mutual growth. Every project involves the provision of health care at the level of the community. This involves working in the most remote sites, often in communities without water or electricity.

Presently we provide primary health care and community support to over 25,000 people with clinics a 4 sites. We provide meals to over 2000 children each day. There are programs with home and community water filters, women's health, dentistry, Yo Puedo or young girls empowerment, scholarships for the brightest and poorest, libraries for the children. We are expanding rapidly with the addition of 3 new academic partnerships at 3 new sites and are building a new 5500 sq ft clinic in Concepcion.

1. Shoulder to Shoulder exists to serve the poor.

2. It is important to work in conjunction with community leaders.

3. Community impact should be sustainable.

4. Be a Light, not a Judge--a Model, not a Critic.

5. www.shouldertoshoulder.org