BUSTAN is an NGO that works in the Bedouin and Jewish communities of the Negev. Through analysis, education, and action, we work for fair resource allocat

BUSTAN cultivates sustainable models to promote fair allocation of clean public resources. BUSTAN strives to present sustainable and replicable models for a healthy paradigm of development that serves both Jewish and Arab populations by promoting stewardship in the face of strident political wars over ownership of public resources.

As a Jewish-Arab movement for fair resource allocation, we seek to transform the excess of unsustainable consumption patterns into resource access for marginalized populations. We connect citizens with cost-cutting green technologies in order to spark consciousness of the wider benefits of sustainable living. The experience of self-reliance in lieu of waiting for government assistance is often a first step towards catalyzing renewal and social change.

1. Sustainable Community Action for Land and People

2. For more information, please visit: www.bustan.org