European Parliament recommends complete nuclear disarmament by 2020

Strasbourg, April 24, 2009 - Today the European Parliament approved with a majority of 177 votes against 130 an amendment introducing the "Model Nuclear Weapons Convention" and the "Hiroshima-Nagasaki Protocol" (attached) as concrete tools to achieve a…Read More

Video: Prague filled with protests against planned US military base during Obama’s visit

Several events and demonstrations took place today in the Czech capital during the visit of US President Barack Obama. Humanists from the Nonviolence movement staged several protests against the planned deployment of US troops on Czech soil as part of the…Read More

Czech Republic: humanists suspend relay hunger strike that lasted 300 days

The protest in the Czech Republic against the installation of US military bases, part of the NMD system also known as Star Wars, led two young activists to start a hunger strike in May 2008. The two humanists, Jan Tamas and Jan Bednar ended their hunger…Read More

The Czech govt has fallen: a victory for democracy, disarmament and nonviolence.

Prague, March 25, 2009 Yesterday the government of conservative Czech Prime Minister, Mirek Topolanek, was dismissed by Parliament with a motion presented by the Social-Democratic opposition. This is a great victory for the Non-violent Movement against the…Read More

the Czech government - a government that represented the interests of the US military industry - has fallen.

Dear friends, I am very happy to announce that the Czech government has fallen. The Parliament voted the no-confidence. For us it is a great victory: we knew that the only way to stop the installation of the US radar base was the fall of the government and…Read More

5th April: activities during Obama’s visit to Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic, March 13, 2009 The Nonviolence Movement, whose members have been active for nearly three years in the struggle to prevent a US military base from being established in the Czech Republic, announces plans to organize activities during…Read More


Yesterday, Wednesday the 18th of February, 40 Czech mayors and a broad delegation of the European Nonviolent Movement travelled to Brussels, to meet with Belgian Senators and Members of Parliament to protest against the project of the previous Bush…Read More
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