help cure Juvenile Diabetes

Diabetes affects almost 200 million people worldwide, killing another innocent victim every three minutes. Although only ten percent of these victims have Juvenile (Type 1) Diabetes, this form of the disease is the most severe.

Juvenile Diabetes usually strikes in childhood, but lasts a lifetime. Individuals with Juvenile Diabetes have pancreases that fail to produce any insilun, forcing them to manually inject insulin into their bodies with a needle while pricking their fingers to test their blood sugar levels. While blood tests and shots may keep diabetics alive, they are not a cure. They just simply serve the purpose of helping diabetics to survive until a cure is finally found.

Diabetes is also the leading cause of kidney failure, adult blindness, nerve damage, stroke, heart attacks, and non-traumatic amputations. It is a chronic disease that lowers a person's life by an average of fifteen years, and cannot be prevented.

Please help in the fight to cure this horrific disease, now being called an epidemic by scientists. As a Juvenile diabetic for over fifteen years, I know firsthand the pain and suffering all diabetics have to go through just to live a normal life. Please help make my dream come true - the dream that someday scientists will find a cure for diabetes.

1. Educate the public on this disease

2. End this epidemic