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$3,860 raised for Haiti - THANK YOU!

Obviously the first 48 hours after the earthquake in Haiti saw more of the larger donations, still, donations have not slowed yet, and the UMCOR Facebook Cause still collects donations ever hour. I get notifications constantly! But thank God!

In just 19 days the members of this Cause have donated $3,860 to UMCOR, and I am sure many have gone directly to the UMCOR website to give directly to the Haiti Advance Fund. However you give, please give.

I would also like to say hello to the 687 new members of the group who have joined in the past 19 days, welcome! Please consider giving if you have not already, and please share UMCOR on your Wall, or in a Note to your friends. When you reach out to your friends you are the persuasive voice that gets someone to give to a worthy cause. So support UMCOR and Haiti by challenging your friends to give.

Jason Weakley
Cause Creator

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