The End is Nigh!

Maybe you are growing or fundraising for a mustache, and have lived with that reality for nearly six weeks. Maybe you're an innocent bystander, and a friend or loved one has succumbed to the ' either case, you're ready for the end, right? Farmer…Read More

Mustache-a-Thon: Week Three!

Tomorrow night, weigh-in from 6:00(ish) to 8:00(ish) at the Sunset. Prizes for best Mustache Haiku!


We got our VERY FIRST Facebook donation from the Matriarch of Mustaches, Ms. Jill Lightner. Hooray, thank you, Jill! She is one of the intrepid intellects that was largely responsible for the creation of 826 Seattle's Mustache-a-Thon back in 2006, and also is…Read More

Mustache Launch!

October 9th marks the first day of Mustache-a-Thon. It begins!
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