To gather enough support to make the idiots that is trying to get rid of the SA Rugby Springbok Emblem to realise that the Springbok Emblem is 100% part of South Africa and its history.

My opinion is that there is a certain group of pathetic political miss fits that can not make it in the political arena and then resort to things like changing town and street names in South Africa.
Furthermore I am also of the opinion that a second group of these idiots has gathered lately to orchestrate an attempt to get rid off the Springbok Emblem in the South Africa Rugby. The majority of these pathetic people do not even know the front from the back or the top or the bottom of a rugby ball and has never even been to a rugby game. But because rugby in South Africa is a so-called “whites only” game these resists it doing every thing possible to get rid of the Springbok Emblem irrespective of the history of the game the emblem and support thereof.
We must unite and get World Wide support to keep the Springbok Emblem for SA Rugby or unite in turning our back on SA Rugby and then we will see how SA Rugby will survive without the paying supporters.

1. Let the rugby supporters decide over the Emblem

2. Keep your politics to politics

3. Spend your Political time and effort on social and humanitarian matters

4. Has any of these idiots contributed a sent to SA Rugby?

5. Can any of these idiots spell the word Rugby or Springbok for that matter?