To inform as many people as we can-- about this disease. To make it our mission to spread the word about this otherwise over-looked female disorder.

This site is for the general awareness of the disease known as Endometriosis. It exist only to inform people of the nature of the disease, and to help support the world's largest data registry and research center for endometriosis. I am NOT a doctor and so all the information produced thereof, should be discusses with your doctor directly. This site is here, merely for your personal discussion on the topic, and general feedback. There will be links attached..to redirect your queries.

Endometriosis is a disease that goes unnoticed by many. This site is a topic center....where interested parties can discuss their experiences openly with each other, if they choose to do so!

Here are some informative links:

http://endometriosisassn.org or
email at: [email protected] information..

1. To inform people of the symptoms of this epidemic that plagues the female society.

2. To allow women to discuss thier frustrations openly to one another.

3. To shed light and give some answers to the questions surrounding the facts of the disease