get Holocaust survivors in Israel the funding they are entitled to

Guys... please sign this, Israel is refusing to give money to the Holocaust survivors, it's a mess - people who weren't in camps only get $20 a month! Now BH it's a bit more, as you can read below... Meanwhile places like Yad Vashem and the Holocaust Museum get millions. Please sign this and maybe it will wake people up over there...

It's a travesty. Israel was built on the blood of these people and now they refuse to support them in their last years.


You can also join the Facebook group here http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=4717987513 and make some noise.

To further research, you can check out all the Israeli news sites and americangathering.com


UPDATE 11/14 - At this time, the Israeli government has decided to give a bit more money, probably due to the huge outcry raised by caring people in Israel and abroad. But the issue needs to stay fresh, and honestly, it's still not a lot of $. You can read more about it in the links below.

1. Israel has no right letting money from the Claims Conference go to institutions while the people the money was meant for Holocaust survivors.

2. Because Israel was built on the blood of these people they are obligated to make sure that each survivor has everything he needs for his material comfort, at least.

3. People have to speak out against this, especially people living outside of Israel because they provide Israel with the most funds.