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December 15th 2012 โ€“ Updates on the holidays and politics

Lots of updates from Reverend Ryan @
Happy Holidays everyone stay safe!

First of all, I want to send good vibes and prayers to the families involved with the school shooting in Connecticut.
I have more to say on this, but I will save it for another time. Ive posted on these type of events before, and more often than not there are prescription drugs involved. But I will save my commentary. I am so sad of the events happening around our world. I do what I do because I wish to make a difference with what little time I have on this earth.
I truly think if cannabis was more a part of our world, we would have more harmony.

On another sad note, lifelong activist Ric Smith passed away. Much respect Ric! March 17 1963 to December 11th 2012

Our family was blessed enough this year, to pick up a Salvation Army Christmas Angel. My kids had a choice and we put it to a vote. Buy Christmas for a kid who's family is having hard times. Or get more gifts for ourselves. My kids choose to sacrifice their Christmas to help out a kid in need. We just got a thank you email for it yesterday from Santa Clause on behalf of Jimmy (the angel we picked), and the kids are very pleased with how things turned out. I am so proud of them, and I encourage others to participate in these Christmas helper events. They are so much fun, and satisfying. Its good to be able to teach the next generation what this holiday, what our Lord is all about.

Speaking of Christmas type events. Here is a great interview with Dave Mustaine (Metallica & Megadeth) about his world view, and they speak of faith in God. This is one of my favorite Alex Jones episodes, and I usually don't watch Alex Jones, but this is a great interview with a person who has inspired me since I was 12 years old.

As for politics these days. The news of Scott Shupe's conviction being overturned is EXCELLENT news. But there is now another grey area inadvertently being assumed by this ruling. I heard Scott Shupe's attorney saying that this appears to clear the way for dispensaries in Eastern Washington to start up. I made a video that I want to get out to people in the medical cannabis industry. Just so you know the law, SB 5073 changed the law regarding medical cannabis. Section 404 of SB 5073 eliminated the protection that Scott Shupe enjoyed in this court ruling.

I made this video to describe what I mean. This is VERY SERIOUS for anyone who assumes that Scott Shupe's case is prescient for new dispensaries to start up in Eastern Washington. I have described and proven in this video that it is now HARDER to start a dispensary in Eastern Washington than it was in 2009, before SB 5073 became law.

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