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Cannabis for Cancer 2016!


Miss my pops. This is always a rough time of year. Lost my dad and grandma to cancer. Dad died on December 30th 2008 of brain cancer. Grandma June died of breast cancer January 20th 1991. My brother Justin died January 22nd 2002.

It should be a 'happy new year'. But Im sort of sad.

You could make this happier by support Cannabis for Cancer - xCannabis By doing nothing more than joining and showing your support.

Our org has raised thousands for cancer patients over the years, by their donation mechanism. Mostly for freedom organizations that are working on legalization.. NORML was our recipient for several years and then after we dropped our support for NORML, we pitched in to the Democracy Foundation. But now there are not many causes available to donate too that are worthwhile at that site, so we have none selected, and therefore join and sharing the cause is the main goal. PLEASE join and share to raise awareness to the benefits of cannabis for cancer!

Thanks! Happy New Year!


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