Help support families coping with pediatric cancer and also to provide funding to CHOP for cancer research

Brett is now a three year old cancer patient currently in remission. Brett is one of many children that will continue to fight this battle before their life can even begin. In Brett's honor through Brendan's fund, we plan on helping other families in our area coping with pediatric cancer by taking away some of their financial worries. We plan on also giving back to the hospital that has done so much for us and for so many others, by donating money to CHOP for continued cancer research so that we might one day be able to prevent these cancers and for once, just LET KIDS BE KIDS, CURE CHILDHOOD CANCER.

1. Funding is needed in order to research childhood cancers and determine where/why they begin

2. Funding is needed to help find cures to childhood cancer

3. My son Brett had childhood cancer and no kid/family should have to go through this in their life. Visit www.carepages.com LittleAngelBrett