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Support Love - Don't Deport Ali Choudhry


There are many causes in life that we can vouch for. All of which, no doubt with the right amount of support, would give us the ability to be Enjoying Life!

A campaign which is currently going viral has touched my heart and I felt it necessary to share it with as many people as possible.

My friends Ali Choudhry and Dr Matthew Hynd are about to have their lives turned upside down, and all on Ali's Birthday too.

Ali is going to be deported on the 8th of January. Why is this devastating? Because they are a legitimate couple. When they were allowed to, Ali and Matt committed themselves to each other in a civil union. Even though this title was taken away from them shortly after their ceremony they have remained a couple for the past 4 years. The reason behind the rejection of Ali's visa to stay in Australia? Their long-standing relationship is not valid.

Australia has decided to deport Ali to Pakistan, the country of his birth. A country where it is illegal to be gay. It is also a country that despite being born there, Ali know's little about. He was raised in the USA. He can't even speak the language.

Not only is Australia deporting an innocent man and destroying a loving relationship, they are potentially sentencing him to life imprisonment.

Ali has done nothing wrong. Matt and Ali are both avid community supporters. In 2013 they helped support my efforts to raise money for the Movember campaign. Which we have raised $7,900 for in the past two years.

I don't want to see my friends torn a part. Please sign the petition:

This is the report by Ten News aired 3rd Jan 2014

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