More news on Lupus

 As many of you know I have injured my back for those who don't well I guess you know now. I had a CT scan and turns out I have a bulging disc and a pinched nerve. I am on pain medication and also going to physio. Well my first physio session was torture, but…Read More

A new website for those with Lupus

A friend sent me this which is a free website where you can write journals get to know people in your community and from around the world who have been diagnosed with Lupus.

How is everyone going?

I had a very bad UTI infection about four weeks ago now and they sent my for another kidney scan turns out I have two kidney stones in my right kidney, and two parts of calcification in my left kidney. I am currently under another immunologist at RPA hospital…Read More

It's sad that I can't seem to find an Australian Beneficiary

Hi All, Well this is the first time I have used this announcement for the cause. My aim is to hopefully start spreading the word about Lupus. Last week was a rough week for my as my white cell count dropped very low and I went to casualty because I was in so…Read More
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