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It's sad that I can't seem to find an Australian Beneficiary

Hi All,
Well this is the first time I have used this announcement for the cause. My aim is to hopefully start spreading the word about Lupus. Last week was a rough week for my as my white cell count dropped very low and I went to casualty because I was in so much pain I couldn't stand it anymore this was even after taking mycendol night strength pain killers. I had a fever that didn't want to come down, a UTI, and a lot of other things going on. Could anyone please tell me if Facebook just uses American Beneficiaries??? I would love to have one for this group for Australia, maybe there isn't a research group here, I will ask my rheumatologist next week when I see her. Hope everyone is well. Also if you have photo's or links you would like to post about Lupus please do so, I will try my best to post some of my own.
Kelly (Admin)

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