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Hello all - please move over to the official Facebook Page for Unsubscribe so we can keep you up to date. We have a new film in the pipeline (being shot today in fact) and lots of big things afoot including a national petition on 42 days. Also Amnesty has…Read More

Urgent Action: Binyam Mohamed – Digg him out of danger now Digg him out of danger now to celebrate the International Day Against Torture Amnesty International is seriously concerned for the health and well-being of Binyam Mohamed, particularly following the US…Read More

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Never mind, please get it from by clicking the 'share' button on the film

Parliament votes on 42 days on April 1st. Please act now!!!

Sadly it is no joke, proposals are being put in front of Parliament to extend the time people can be held without charge in the UK to 42 days - in other words you could be locked up for six weeks without being told what you are suspected of doing. The good…Read More

Not a day longer - say no to 42 days in jail without charge

We are now the number three petition in our category on the Number 10 site but with just 200 more sign ups we'll get to number 2. Mail this address to everyone you know and tell them why 6 weeks in jail without being charged is just not…Read More


We need you to write to your MP and ask them to stand up for our civil rights and oppose the draconian extension of pre-charge detention to 42 days. Simply pop your postcode into and the site will channel your mail to your own MP. It is…Read More

Close Guantanamo Bay in 5 Minutes

We need everyone in the UK to visit so you can mail your elected representative to sign a declaration stating how Guantanamo Bat can be closed down. The petition signed by representatives from around the…Read More
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