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Livingstone weeps as he apologises for slavery Hugh Muir Friday August 24, 2007 The Guardian Ken Livingstone yesterday marked the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade with an emotional and tearful ceremonial apology on behalf of the capital…Read More

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Above is an article published by The Gaurdian in relation to the 200 year anniversary of the Abolition Of The Slave Trade. Very interesting and has an awesome quote in it. Have a look if you've got the time ...

Gotta Start Somewhere ...

So me and Nath Hodges this week copped it. We come back from Love That ultra challenged about Chocolate and Human Traffiking and we say to each other Ok we're boycotting Cadbury/Nestle/Lindt etc. We go to the local and friendly Oxfam shop and buy Fair Trade…Read More
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