Our mission is to filter out carbon emissions to better our environment and to reduce the amount of carbon we emit.

Here, you can find an easy list of what to do to protect the environment. Because after all, we're the ones who will pay for it in the end.
Here's what we can do:
a. Turn off or unplug electrical appliances when you’re not using them.
b. Carpool, walk, or ride your bike instead of driving.
c. Replace light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. This can save up to 300 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.
d. By moving your thermostat up 2° in the summer and down 2° in the winter, you can save 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.
e. When you're buying new appliances, look for the energy star label.
f. Use less hot water. Take shorter or colder showers, wash your clothes in cold water, or buy an insulator for your water heater so it takes less energy to heat it.
g. Recycle. This is big. Processing trash uses a lot of methane, and recycling is the number two thing you can do to reduce methane emissions.
h. Support non-profit organizations like EcoCycle by buying products that are made from recycled or post consumer materials.
i. During the summer, dry your clothes on a clothesline rather than in the dryer.
j. Plant a tree. Trees feed on carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen. How nice!
k. Buy locally grown and produced food, organic foods, and support farmers markets. This prevents food from being transported all over the country.
l. Buy fresh foods instead of frozen foods. It takes ten times more energy to produce frozen foods.
m. Avoid heavily packaged products.
n. Eat less meat. Cows are the number two emitters of methane, and if there’s less demand for beef, farmers will stop producing as many cows.
o. Get your cars checked on a regular basis. You can increase your mileage by keeping your tires pumped and your car tuned.
p. When you want to buy a new car, get a hybrid or a more fuel efficient car.
q. The most important thing you can do, is to inform people. What’s most dangerous is that people don’t know what is going on in the world.

1. Humans are causing Global Warming.

2. It is killing our environment.

3. The ice caps are melting.

4. In just 25 years, up to 300,000 people per year will die from more severe and frequent heat waves.

5. In 40 years, more than one million species could be extinct because of global warming.

6. Growing seasons will be affected by increased evaporation and decreased rainfall.

7. There will be more droughts and wildfires.

8. By the summer of 2050, the Arctic could be devoid of ice, which means the polar bears will all die.

9. The temperature of the Earth has already gone up 1°F. It took 4° to get us out of the last ice age.

10. We can still stop it.