Horizons for Homeless Children works to improve the lives of homeless children and their families by providing early education and opportunities for play that leads to healthy growth and learning.

What do we do at Horizons for Homeless Children?

We help young homeless children learn how to play, to share, to read, and to enjoy exploring their worlds. We help parents learn how to be nurturing and involved in the growth and development of their children, and help them learn and grow through job training, GED and college courses. We help to stabilize families so that they can weather any crisis, and thus help to break the cycle of homelessness that too often occurs.

Since 1990, thousands of young homeless children have been served by the Community Children's Center and Playspace Programs. We have recruited, trained, placed and supervised more than 9,500 volunteer Playspace Activity Leaders in the shelter-based Playspaces statewide, giving thousands of children living in family shelters the opportunity to play, learn and to just be kids. We have training sessions for service providers in Massachusetts and participate in local and national conferences. We work with public officials in state and federal government to increase the resources available to young homeless children and to change the conditions that lead to family homelessness.

1. All children deserve access to early education and care.

2. Homelessness negatively impacts a child's ability to learn and develop appropriately.

3. To break the cycle of homelessness, parents need to be linked to resources and support.

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