300 more Children and Families

A note from Eric: “Together, with your support, the National Eczema Association will continue to tap new resources, reach others who suffer, and bring us that much closer to finding a cure. Please join me in helping us reach 300 more children and families in…Read More

Jarrett just wants to meet you!

Jarrett is 5 and has eczema. He’s tired of his skin condition, he just wants to meet you! Watch Jarrett’s video http://causes.nationaleczema.org (http://causes.nationaleczema.org/)  

What will help Jarrett?

Eric says this about his son Jarrett’s eczema battle: “In the early years, the feeling of helplessness was indescribable. We threw new hope into every lotion, medication, and therapy that other eczema sufferers swore by. It was painfully frustrating to see…Read More

I Can Hear Him Scratching

Jarrett can’t stop itching and his dad Eric can hear him scratching from across the room. Read what Eric has to say http://causes.nationaleczema.org (http://causes.nationaleczema.org/)

40 boo-boo’s

Jarrett has 40 boo-boo’s, but he’s helping us support 300 children and families affected by eczema just like he is. Join Jarrett http://causes.nationaleczema.org (http://causes.nationaleczema.org/)

1 in 5 children

1 in 5 children have some form of eczema. 5-year-old Jarrett is one of them. Meet Jarrett http://causes.nationaleczema.org (http://causes.nationaleczema.org/)

Meet Eric, the Dad of a Child with Eczema

Eric says: “I’ve never felt the itch of eczema on my body or scratched through layers of my skin, leaving it torn and bleeding. But I am a father who has endured the effects of eczema every day since my 5-year-old son, Jarrett, was diagnosed with this disease…Read More
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